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Even people with the highest aesthetic demands will yield to the beauty of the Hypnotic Signs jewellery collection. Women, who appreciate exceptional and intriguing details, will be particularly fascinated. The three-part pendants are translucent and romantic creations. They are rhodium-plated and decorated with Swarovski crystals (red gem, green emerald and blue sapphire). What makes this collection so special is the possibility of creating combinations according to your desires in every occasion. In the combination with rhodium plated necklaces, these pendants will highlight your originality. The offer includes four shapes of necklaces, of various designs and sizes (M, L and XL), and thus is possible to make number of combinations. (N9080: M – 44 cm; L – 56 cm; XL – 59 cm. N8318: M – 41; L – 45 cm; XL – 50 cm: N9137: M – 40 cm; L – 24 cm; XL – 44 cm. N9110: M – 39 cm; L – 41 cm; XL – 46 cm)